Selection of minor changes

Installation of Tablet Holder with integrated USB Charger and USB Nano Charger

At each cabin seat one Tablet Holder-arm (THA) and corresponding USB Charger is installed. Therefore, a bracket containing the receptacle and the USB Charger for the THA is mounted underneath the cupholder. Additionally, each cabin seat and divan storage is equipped with an USB nano charger to allow additional charging of USB devices. The chargers are integrated into the sideledge box assy at each seat and into the cover plate of both divan storages.  Additionally, one THA is installed into the AFT Lavatory. Therefore a bracket containing the receptacle and the USB charger for the THA is mounted into the AFT Lavatory toilet structure. The AFT Lavatory countertop is equipped with a bezel including a lid to protect the installations underneath the countertop from liquids and lose objects. In order to connect the new devices with the electrical system the necessary wiring is added and connected to the SHED Bus 1 of the Aircraft. Each of the devices on the left and right side of the aircraft are protected with a collective fuse for the side.

Model: EMB-135BJ


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Refurbishment of Cabin Interior

Within this minor change the cabin was refurbished, like new surfaces for wooden parts, cabin passenger-, observer-, lavatory-, cabin jump and crew seats, replacement of countertop in galley and aft lavatory, stone floor in galley and lavatory, new carpet for cockpit and cabin, new surface for headliner, valance panel, window liner, dado panels, new curtains for the main entrance and cabin.

Model: EMB-135BJ


Installation of Tamarack ATLAS to Cessna model 525, 525A and 525B

Within this change the Tamarack Winglet will be mechanically (removed) de-installed and the original OEM winglet was installed. The electrical system was kept as provision, but de-activated and cables was stowed securely. The LED lighting system was removed and the original system was reinstalled.

Model: 525A



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