We are capable of integrating our products and systems in almost every type of aircraft. As an approved design organization (DOA) to EASA.21J, we are able to conduct modifications ourselves, also available as STC.

There are varieties of potential uses that can be combined individually due to the modular concept. The systems consist of a basic configuration, which can be extended individually in each case. A few of our applications are described here.


In general, FTI can use existing infrastructure and supplement or replace individual modules, e.g. a digital video recorder. It is also possible to integrate additional cameras etc. for example in the cargo area as an addition to the existing cabin system.

Yes, based on many years of know-how and our certification according to EASA.21J.

We offer you a complete solution and take over the installation on request.

The components and systems can be arbitrarily combined and individually scaled, depending on the equipment of the aircraft. For example, it is possible to shift the functions directly into the end sensor technology in accordance with the computing power. Consequently, a camera can be directly equipped with certain functions without implementing an additional computer for this application. We will submit an ideal solution for your requirements.

Yes, because our systems are not isolated applications. The potential uses are versatile and can be combined individually due to the modular concept. The number of cameras (depending on the desired power and quality) can be subdivided into various areas, such as cabin, cockpit and cargo.

The cameras vary from the standard model to intelligent Full HD camera, which can also be equipped with IR Illumination and microphone. Supplementing with radar and other sensors is possible, fire detection, for example.

FTI has developed a Wireless Ground Tool (WGT), which allows the user to transmit data from the aircraft via WLAN, GSM or SATCOM to the Security Office. Even during the flight.

The data is normally accessible by the flight crew and also available in the cockpit. Different cameras can be chosen individually. The display is in single mode (one camera) or in quad-mode (simultaneous display of four cameras as an overview). In addition, transmission of data to a ground station is possible.

Video and audio recording is possible by using the Central Video Unit (CVU), a further development of the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for A380. The generated video data is stored encrypted on a cartridge and can be retrieved and read via the ground station later.

Provided a SATCOM system exists on the plane, a video data transmission from the aircraft to the ground is possible by the FTI CVU (Central Video Unit), also during flights.


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