Aircraft Surveillance

Cargo Compartment Surveillance

Not only does surveillance of the cargo area enable detection of unauthorized access, load displacements or smoke emission can also be identified by FTI’s intelligent camera technology. Clear image reproduction is possible, even in the dark, by using sensors and IR illumination. Our cargo cameras are equipped with a special casing, which is adapted to the conditions of the cargo compartment. Installation of the cameras in the aircraft takes place according to the customer’s request, either visible or invisible. The data is available on the plane and at a ground station (e.g. security office).


Cabin Surveillance

The Cabin Video Surveillance System is able to detect inappropriate behavior of passengers and unauthorized access to certain areas of the aircraft. The growing size of modern long-haul aircraft, lead to increasing complexity of the inner areas. Video surveillance supports the crew in maintaining overview of these inner areas, by identifying possible hazards or inappropriate behavior of passengers from a remote location in the aircraft in time. FTI’s intelligent camera technology also provides a clear visualization even in direct sunlight and dimmed cabin light. Data recorded by the DVR (digital video recorder) is stored securely and can be used for the analysis of incidents afterwards.


Refuelling Surveillance

The receiver surveillance system (RSS) was one of the first FTI-camera systems. Installed in the MRTT, the RSS is used for monitoring refueling operations during the flight. The system is characterized by outstanding image quality under all external conditions (sunlight, fog, darkness), which set new market standards at that time. The RSS has been operating successfully in the German and Canadian Air Force for several years. Recently, FTI has developed a similar system for Embraer, equipping the KC390.


Ground Surveillance

Intrusion Detection

Intrusions into parked aircraft are not uncommon. Even the airplane of the German Chancellor was affected in 2013. FTI’s intrusion detection system - IDS provides reliable protection for parked aircraft. By using cameras and sensors, unauthorized access is detected and accordingly alarm is triggered in the security office. The system is able to identify approaching individuals while distinguishing them from other moving objects due to intelligent FTI technology. Consequently, the number of false alarms is minimized. The protection zone extends to cover approach over the entire plane radius.


Wireless Ground Tool - WGT

This system is used for transferring video data from the aircraft to a ground station or a mobile receiver station (MRS). Accordingly, the situation on the plane can be observed from a remote location and appropriate actions can be taken in a case of emergency.


Video Systems


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